Don't Feed
The Fill

Meet the Monster

into the lair of the monster they're digested

When you throw away your empty drink containers, you’re feeding the fill. But together, we can save these containers from landfill, and they can go on to live another life.

Don’t let your container's potential go to waste.

this can be prevented, your containers reinvented

Every container contains more than just what you drink. They contain the potential to live on again and again.
You contain potential, too. The potential to guarantee your containers won’t go to landfill... and even to donate your refund.

brought to a standstill forever in landfill

It’s easy enough to throw your containers away. Especially when you’re out and about, or everyone else is just throwing theirs in the bin. That’s why we’re asking you to be the change.

So your 10c drink containers aren’t swallowed up by the monster.

when containers are tossed...
what is lost?

Feed the Fill
Be the change

a change for containers

over 1.4 billion containers redeemed

I'm a
Container Saver

I, will not feed the fill. I will:

collect and protect your expended containers

And get others doing it too, by sharing with...

...your folks and your friends and your school and your neighbours.

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